GRX|BCN1_12 GRX|BCN2_12 GRX|BCN3_12 GRX|BCN4_12 GRX|BCN5_12 GRX|BCN6_12 GRX|BCN7_12 GRX|BCN8_12 GRX|BCN9_12 GRX|BCN10_12


2 responses to “04 GRX|BCN

  1. I like the idea of studying the physical indicators of an important space to the city (wifi, seats, signage) and its relationship to both the official “node” and observed user groups. Diagram findings at multiple scales to identify supporting relationships. Begin your presentation with a persuasive set of observations, detailing the qualities of the things studied, allowing you to explain your diagram language and the supporting diagrams. It would be cool to use apps like wifi sniffing, light levels, and the spatial orientation and size capture to talk about the nature of the perceived social experience mapped in the urban room. More little diagrams can build up to the complexity and simple explanation of your work. This can be really good, and you’re building a great visual language. Use square page templates and think about storytelling as you head to the finish.

  2. We will need to talk about this project. I can see a number of maps done but most of the total six parts of this assignment were incomplete.
    We could talk in more detail about each part but in general the final deliverable from the list has to get done for us to move one as post assignments are following now.

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