Program Schedule

Week 1

  • Media: 60 Second Diagrams, Time Material Vector + Data Diagrams
  • Urban Design, Neighborhood Types- I. Maritime Metropolis
  • Daytrip: Girona

Week 2

  • Media: Tiling 2D + 3D; Primary Data Mapping Analog + Digital, Grasshopper
  • Urban Design, Neighborhood Types- II. Modernisme
  • Daytrip: Olot, RCR office visit, Park and possibly hotel Els Cols

Week 3

  • Media: Alhambra diagramming Material Affect; Criteria Mapping;  Grasshopper + Mapping integration (BCN)
  • Urban Design, Neighborhood Types- Comparison. Granada, Albaicin North and South, Centro Historico; Other
  • Daytrip: Montserrat (optional)

Week 4

  • Media: GH + Elk; GH + GIS; GH + tables
  • Urban Design, Neighborhood Types- III. Contemporary Pluralisme
  • Daytrip: Igualada Cememtery

Week 5

  • Media: App + Public Space
  • Urban Design, Neighborhood Types- return to comparative sites
  • Final Presentation + banquet

We will try to review work at the end of each week.

We will try to split up half days of workshop / neighborhood visits.

We will transition from more neighborhood visits to more workshop time from the beginning to the end of the program.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Some times and dates may change with notice.


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