Pujades 172, 4 4 available 12 noon- 12 midnight today and tomorrow

Pujades 172

I will make my flat available 12 noon to 12 midnight today and tomorrow.  Annie will have a key.  Dan also has a key. Please keep it neat.  The fruit in the refrigerator is for you. You can also use the TV to present to each other or work.

* A reminder that we will again present to each other Tuesday at 10am as per the schedule. Use category 07 Presentation please. Do touch on the qualities (corner collage of material affect and 3 conditions of it), measured drawings in section/elevation (design from the ‘haptic realm’ upward, said Steven Holl) and a site plan with details of paving materials etc for a zoomed in site.  all at close scale, zooming scales: 3″, 1 1/2″, 1/2″ and then the location plan.  Landscape urbanism skips the 1/4″ architectural scale for good reason.




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