Aldayjover, Sagrera with RCR and West 8


Inaki is the chair at the University of Virginia as well.  Margarita also teaches there.

The MOOD and EXPERIENCE of the work is communicated from the bottom up- from the spaces and from the large, well drawn site plans. Notice the elegance of their site plans and diagrams of site plans as a series of drawings (1 illustrator file, turns layers on and off, export as JPG).

BUT they are had some amazing Corner Collage drawings of material, plan, time, icon, data.  Recall how they also combined the material swatches (for you they could be more urban qualities or phenomes), icon, data such as name of plant, with the section and even the diagram of the plan on the top.

Use your district / neighborhood plan as a background!  what is the unit…see below the tree section with the image on the screen of all the plants in the planting plan.  This is also computed with GH but can be done by hand too (or Autocad blocks/XREFs in their case).  But its definitely a unit + organization + variable (parametric) = system.

The Sagrega planning is credited to AldayJover, RCR and West 8.







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