Enjoy a break and keep going


Keep going!  As mentioned, get more focused, follow your heart, etc.  My comments will become more  about graphics- your project ideas are now more your expertise.

Edit your indicators.  NO NEW ONES.  Include secondary ones you know work- open space, 7@, housing, etc.  Attack making the graphics explain things SLOWLY in little steps (series), clearly with fine lines and succinct language (line weight and line type) and repeating / building ideas and terms as if you were writing.

Above is a picture of some ideas i had while at Aldayjover.

The upper left and all the right are for Jenna, Danielle and Jose– a tuned section, measured line drawing with critical parametric dimensions as per Felix’s comments. the boxes could be zoomed in qualities/pictures to follow your indicators.  the upper left is a perspective but take over a photo- trim the outline, desaturate, increase brightness…then add back in highlight colors for your indicators/affect (gene / pheno affect)…perhaps accompany with the bar chart we spoke about.

lower left is for Regan, Henry and Natasha.  Maybe take Felix’s suggestion of designing a furniture (for meeting).  How does it perform?  What behavior does it support (gene/pheno..indicators).  Is this in the streetscape or the 10% open space.  other notes: drop Grasshopper but attack data of different types of 7@ including education 7@, size of available meeting space, accessibility by cost, by resident status, by learning objective, age, etc.  Natasha– be the master data collector.  fresh air is good.  record your data collect and laws as text.  Everyone, have a role.  Henry- dense diagrams are good but also break out into layers.  Regan, Natasha and Henry- map more… patterns will emerge.

last group- Jesse, Annie and Aliza…keep going.  Pick a sample block with some mixed architectural types- what Felix was looking for.  I noticed walking home from the Llacuna stop what a great mix of Modernisme and other types there are at the intersection with the construction on Pujades.  your photos near Media Tic are the problem but dont reflect the beauty of the district- the mixed types.  Jesse, hang in there and do lean on Dan, the Urban Farming definition and me for GH help.  Its worth it I think for your group…there is time and iterations left.

* Feel free to upload your work under 07 Presentation for recording it (required eventually) and for more feedback.

** Dont get frustrated with media.  its about expectations on yourselves and varying  skills upon starting.

*** Lines.  Circles as lines.  exaggerate radius differences in ‘heat maps.’  highlight color and key.


Possible affects to be supported for each group’s interventions that i read from your work today:

Jesse, Annie and Aliza: bridging / introducing (urban bumping- the unplanned and anomalies) ?  degrees of knowing people:  none, see around neighborhood, interact occasionally (business owner), see at the urban farm, kids go to school together closer friends

Regan, Henry and Natasha:    spatial comfort for meeting (type of social) interaction (measure, other qualities?) ?

Jenna, Danielle and Jose:  identifying, understanding, seeing more visibly, finding (again maybe the street quality is what you seek…look up images of Festa de Gracia…many different street, many different identities).



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