Site Survey: Assignment for Tuesday

We are doing well.  Revise any of the work done for 04 GRX|BCN today via comments and what you did not have time to finish today.


The following new assignment will move us forward.  * Refine beautiful LINE methods (stroke) – lite and delicate.  ** Allow the work to raise questions, flush out issues early!  Please post as [05 Site Survey] for Tuesday at 10am.

1.  Survey Study Block- heat map

  • Formhub survey
  • Bring into Grasshopper
  • Post-process in Illustrator  (LINES, Stroke, line weight, line type, etc.)

2.  Translate your project diagram (ex. City Protocol below)…. into a digital, abstract diagram moving toward you Grasshopper definition.  Use Rhino and Illustrator as required.



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