GRX|BCN: Assignment Due Friday, 4pm

Lets bring this great week to a close by processing our work in Granada and bring the project ideas back to Barcelona.

Please post the following work by Friday, July 26 at 4pm, Category GRX|BCN:

1. Heat Map

  • Consider the appropriate scales of urban room (multiple data points in placetas), neighborhood/district and city. Make ‘heat maps’ using your indicators.
  • Digitize your diagrams done on Tuesday in Granada (scanner or camera+Photoshop)
  • Make a diagram using the examples of Vicente Guallart’s City Protocol and my sketch below (digital or neatly by hand) System Diagram_PS
  • Review Dan’s post: Greetings to Granada: Research Tools
  • **Workflow: Table to Grasshopper.  Use survey software or do by hand.

2. Unit/Module

  • Block / Street / Hybrid
  • Units
  • Parcel, Building, street tree planter, bike share station, metro station entrance, etc.

3. Data

  • Primary, 2-4 (indicators)
  • Secondary, 2-4

4. 22@

  • Choose Study Block, propose 3 options to me
  • 3 X 3 or 4 X 4 study area

5. Infographics

  • BCN / GRX / PDX / NYC  (compare to a city in the USA), big numbers and %’s.
  • Laws governing your project (EU, Spain, Catalunya, Barcelona, Granada)
  • Diagrams- visualize/organize relationships of your ideas in degrees of time, material, space and real-time data
  • Icons, refine (ex. Whatsapp)
  • Bar charts may also be helpful, especially for comparison.  **

6. Precedents / Parametric Places

  • Consider Using a Parametric Places 2012, 2013 or lcaBCN2013 project, first review the project final post and then the GH definition
  • Identify / Study one project final post and then the GH definition
  • Organize single-relationship diagrams using Illustrator, Rhino and Grasshopper
  • Diagram work flow: example of Rueda and Guallart * (later this will help your GH definition)
  • City Protocolanatomy
  • Salvador RuedaP1060294

*Please keep in the mind the template on the server for clear information.


We will soon think about material AFFECT.  Think qualitative, sensory experience… Ned Kahn, etc

ball-cols RCR Cols

beauxartsball2007_davidmalosh_0052 Solid Objectives



mapping example


* mapping work flow




** infographics meethods


** infographics meethods


!!  Diagrams: nice examples of %, bar graph and isometric  !!




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