Greetings to Granada: Research Tools

Hello hill-town travelers, as you engage new methods in the plazas, I wanted to introduce new tool options that might make your data-gathering more flexible and accurate.

Since many of you have iphones, and wifi, you can use apps for collecting information based on your research interest.  Additionally, as I did on our last walk, you can use a simple survey form.  I have also created a form that can help capture photos.  These are hosted by a site called formhub.  All you need to do is load the form when you have internet, and it will be available in your web-browser to fill out, even when offline (bookmark for easy access).  You can try the simple form here or visit via qr code here

You could also try other apps for grade, temp, light levels, sound, distance or area measurements. I have found gps trackers like this one useful:

Philip and Deni will likely discuss strategies for collecting site analysis.  Happy hunting, and feel free to email me if you want help creating a more thorough survey form.


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