Some very good news.


I left you yesterday to meet one of the two directing professors of design from ETSAV, UPC (Escuela Technica Superior de Arquitectura de Barceloan, Universidad Politechnica de Catalunya).  The purpose was to discuss forming a relationship with them as the large public university of architecture in Barcelona.  Felix was very friendly and we met for almost three hours discussing possibilities of the program connecting more with ETSAB, teachers, student exchanges, etc.  This was a very important part for the growth of the program and one done at the request of our department.  I invited Felix to our final review on August 7th or 8th.  He will either attend this, send another professora from his unit or try to make an earlier per-final review the week prior to that.  We have some great reviewers lined up- Architects, AI+Robotics, Landscape Architect, ETSAB, 22@

2)  Mapping

Dan is doing a great job setting up the schedule.  The NJIT students who setup their projects (2 of the 3 groups) very much benefited from the ‘heat maps.’  The last group that did not use this plug did it in much longer time.  We are very lucky to have Dan with us to help and we should make the very best use of this assistance.  If you can get your data entered as per his last post, we may even be able to get an image or to in front of Deni for some feedback before Granada.  ** This is the first map.  It is more import that you focus and work hard on the method and visual communication of it as an urban analysis tool, rather than be overly concerned with the criteria you first chose.  You may continue to adjust your criteria in Granada.  Also consider if there an any apps that might record some environmental condition such a sound, light, wind, etc that may help your project.  **The very questioning of the criteria, fine tuning it, asking how to consistently record it, is it applicable, etc, if providing you an expertise of the external conditions that affect your project.  Your data collection is primary.  This is not easy but very valuable.  Animo!  The questions are wonderful.

3)  RCR

We will go in a private van on Saturday leaving at 9am from Pujades 172 heading first to Ripoll to see the project that won the FAD award.  We will return around 5 or 6pm.  I have moved some funding from elsewhere in the program to subsidize the trip.  As such the ground transportation cost will be around 24 euros per person roundtrip.  We will not have time for a long lunch so you may wish to pack a sandwich, snacks and a drink.  The trip is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes each way.  I am told it rains daily in Olot between 3 and 7pm.  Dress accordingly.  **This is all a great privilege offered by the office- trust me.

4)  Granada

Sunday we will leave at 6am from Pujades 172.  You will only have ONE carry-on item up to 10 kilos.  It will be hot there- pack lightly.  The flight is less than an hour.  We are only there 4 days, 3 nights.  The hotel has towels, soap and shampoo dispensers.  It has AC. Bring a sketch book, white book, pen, smartphones (it would be great if one person from each group had a data plan.  bring them anyway- we may be able to use GPS without it.)  Perhaps one person from each group can bring a laptop- no more.  More details to follow.  (We will probably plan another exchange day off following Granada, either next week or the following week).

Thank you.  See you all tomorrow at 10pm.

PS  Nice lightning storm last night!


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