Mini-exercise 01b(d) – Using your data-mapping data

Good job on 118 sites today; now, we can use the datasets to study the 9 block area.  I’ve uploaded a template .xls to the dropbox in the folder “Student Work_Session 2 UO” Under Exercise 1.  By Friday, download this and input your criteria.  Then, upload it to this dropbox folder with a unique name (eg: Commercial_Dataset1_Poblenou9blocks.xls).  Be sure to explain the quantitative metric (eg: 0-5) used in the table by writing up an appendix in the second tab.  I will create an xls of the location information, and we can aggregate all findings into a master data-set excel file.  Finally, I will also upload a grasshopper definition template that shows how to visualize your data directly from the spreadsheets, and allow you to analyze it graphically.  As a preview, check out the path of our march today; it was 3.12 miles of epic in 2 hours.


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