Assignment for Friday

General Topic from Urban Experience
Two-Word Title
Purpose Paragraph

  • What is the purpose in the form of a problem? Can you phrase your investigation as a problem rather than an opportunity?
  • Who does it affect? (be as specific with users as possible)
  • Why is it important? (social / economic value)
  • (3) 2-paragraphs of theory / reading connection, specific and then general.  Specific Paragraph 1  (hour glass): 1) idea; 2) citation; 3) further idea. General Paragraph 2: 3 sentences explaining how this applies to your project.  **Address ideas from the reading that include: bottom-up urban design; Latour’s idea of attachment; Morales’s ideas on how the Eixample Plan Cerda works; Allen’s idea of the field condition; Corner’s idea of adaptability with specificity; Jacob’s idea of unpredictability; Schartz’s idea of scenarios; Guallart’s idea of self-sufficiency (Post); Jan Gehl’s ideas of walkability (post); other ideas from readings

Background / Research Info Graphics and Statistics

  • Data on idea in Barcelona, facts and statistics.  Comparison to other locations.
  • Live data. Is there live data?  What is the scale of the data- city, district, neighborhood or urban room?
  • Legislation. Are there laws governing your investigation? Europe, Spain, Catalunya, Barcelona, etc
  • Timeline: daily, weekly, seasonally, annually, multi-year?
  • What are indicators on site of your investigation?

1-3 Research Questions
Initial Criteria (2 per person)
Method/Approach– Diagram how you will work
Data collection methods- possible approaches? App, Excel tool in GH, heat mapping with Google/JPG/Image Sampler in GH, GIS/GH
Mapping exercise due Friday.
Initial unit. Street or Block?  Line Diagrams of initial relationships.  Identify parameter.


** Please use the template in the Dropbox.


15h00  Prepare for Mapping

What phenomenon are indicators of your investigation and how will you map them?  Metric 0-10? Yes/No? Survey? Interview?
Download app for Android and iPhone.  Test map.  Is it geo-locational with GPS and or data service?
Select study block and neighborhood to map?


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