22@ Neighborhood & Bottom-Up Planning

Bottom-up planning in the 22@ is a framework for design that blends architecture with the cultural vibrancy of the existing neighborhood conditions.  This underpinning allows for an organic evolution of urban identity.  Architecture and local conditions affect each other in the formulation of planning techniques.  The immediate Poblenou neighborhood is affected by this method and the larger context of Barcelona can utilize examples of this technique and employ them throughout the city.  Various external conditions, such as political, social, and economic, affect the framework of bottom-up planning in the 22@ district.  The evolutionary spontaneity of the neighborhood identity is the direct result of larger events that vary from political elections to smaller social gatherings.  The method utilized in this system of planning is a result of adaptation and connectivity through block and neighborhood design.


One response to “01A_MIGRATION PATTERNS

  1. Good. Are these species here? Source of data would be great, perhaps as a hyperlink below the JPG so people can use it (Make some text, highlight it and then click on the chain icon to make a hyperlink). cheers.

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