01b Mapping Systems

Today at the Plaça de Vicenç Martorell we observed and mapped, in LINES, qualities of the urban experience:

  • inhabitation
  • light/shadow
  • surveillance
  • degree of inebriation
  • people smoking
  • other possibilities:
  • urban room wall height (facade heights)
  • age (of inhabitants)
  • audio levels

What patterns emerged?

We continue to speak about the difference between real-world diagrams based on observation and abstract diagrams based on conceptual symmetry.  By hand or in Illustrator attempt to redraw some of the patterns you drew of the qualities above. Name and label them.  A series would be effective.  Please organize neatly and post. Differentiate lines if possible.

Below are examples by Greg Lynn, Vicente Guallart and Louis Kahn.  Note the first two are more known more for digital work but these drawings reveal the ability and tendency of hand diagrams as tools for design intent of unit/organizational systems.

[01b Mapping]

Vicente Guallart, from the book Geo-Logics

Louis Kahn


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