01a Diagrams: Time, Material, Location + Real-Time Data

Time, Material, Location + Real-World Data

Compose the following information for the Sarria park along Parc de Joan Reventós – Viquipèdia  in one drawing for Monday.  Use the James Corner ‘Planting Calendar’ below for reference.  Relate location (plan), material and time as well as a real-world data base (could be real-time) mapping variable external conditions.

[1a Diagrams]

James Corner, Planting Diagram

Christo and Jeane-Claude, Over the River (Upper Left: LINES ON BACKGROUND. White is fine)

Differentiate.  Push to 4th degree diagram: 1) diagram; 2) differentiate; 3) pattern emerges (turn background off)…you have  generative tool; and 4) change pattern as design tool

diagram, first differentiation

OMA, Rem Koolhaas, diagrams, Seattle Public Library and Carbon Footprints

l|c|a:BCN 2011, student Ida Yazdi  (time and material only)


22@ and bottom up urban design //  writing assignment  l|c|a:BCN

What is bottom-up planning in the 22@ district (10 10 10 + historic protection)  and how does it relate to Parametric Places. Using the class conversa­tions, the weblog and the reading ‘Cities from the Bottom Up: 22@ Planning, A System Attached to Change’ on page 8 of the red Field Book, begin to discuss the following:

Sentence 1: What is bottom-up planning in 22@, why is it important and who does it serve?

Sentence 2: What external conditions (natural or human/cultural events) and affects are used to support these ideas in urban design planning from the bottom upunderstanding local culture, values, and concerns?

Sentence 3: What is the technology or method that is applied?



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